Friday, October 24, 2014


Sunday, October 26th, Sugar Hill Market x Maison d'Art at 259 West 132nd Street just east of FDB/8th Avenue from Noon to 7:00PM.  Curating events require a lot of editing and one of thing that needed to happen at Sugar Hill Market was that the young designers had items that were on trend but unique enough to get a fashion crowd interested.

One good example is that of the Molly Shaheen's fanny pack collection which definitely on trend to what is happening now but missing in the retail assortment uptown of luxury good.  These leather purses have adjustable straps that fit around the hip or even go longer to wear over the shoulder and have been a best seller for the past 3 months.  Another chic collection is Indivijewel which has great contemporary jewelry casted from original pieces made at the studio of the designer.  There are a lot of accessory collections that use pre-fabricated metal pieces but we wanted to make sure a designer at the market was actually creating each individual part.

Make sure to drop by this weekend and meet the designers themselves.  Follow the official SHM Instagram account for daily updates and photos of the designer collections: LINK


We actually were quite pleasantly surprised at how good Harlem Food Bar's Thursday night fried chicken tasted and now the word is out after the article published last week.  Feedback received from last night's followup event was that some had to wait to get into the cozy spot just below 114th Street on 8th Avenue in the early evening and that almost every table ordered the fried feast.  Even though the chef made 5 times the usual amount based on inquiries received throughout the week, all poultry plates were sold out by 7:45PM last night.  Those who arrived too late will have to wait another week to see what everyone is now talking about.  Check out our original yardbird post with a photo of Harlem's newest fried fowl offering: LINK


Number 207 West 121st Street has arrived on the market for $1.85 million which is pretty surprising seeing that the townhouse is an SRO with no mention of a certificate of non harassment in place.  On top of that, it appears to be a fixer-upper but the broker is probably betting on the more south location to be the selling point: LINK


A long abandoned lot by The Apollo Theatre now has a brand new building and several key chain stores have open for business but some in Harlem are complaining that 125th Street has become too commercial.  Our opinion is that boulevard was always meant to be a mainstream retail corridor like 14th Street is to downtown.  Over a century ago multiple theaters, shops and restaurants lined almost every corner of the famous strip but in the past 50 years, half of Harlem's population moved elsewhere.  As a result, buildings were abandoned but a few dollar stores, fast food chains, sneaker shops and affordable clothing emporiums remained.

There are a handful of local mom and pops on 125th Street but the reality is that the vast majority of business are comprised of proprietors setting up from elsewhere.  Right now the population cycle is finally increasing again in Harlem and thus the need for a broad range of retail has come back.  Whole Foods should finish up by next summer so some better retail will be arriving but it is unrealistic to think that all high end shops will one day establish themselves on the strip.  This has not happened on 14th Street or 42nd Street and thus will definitely not be be the direction for 125th Street.


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