Friday, September 4, 2015


We stopped by for a quick bite at Clove last night for some traditional Indian food in Hamilton Heights before meeting friends later on in the evening.  The new eatery on Amsterdam by 139th Street has a popular lunch buffet during the afternoon which attracts a City College crowd but we wanted a bit more formal dining experience during the evening.  It was pleasant enough on an early September night and the outdoor seating still made sense so we took a seat al fresco.

Chicken Tandoori for just around $12 was our pick of the evening and we received additionally some delicious coconut naan bread which was highly recommended.  Both came out perfect and the naan especially had a savory, sweet and buttery taste to it.  Drink specials included a red sangria which was affordable and was not bad at all for a cool late summer sip in the heights.  Diversity in ethnic eateries is something new in Harlem but there now are definitely some great Indian options to choose from.  What is also great about Clove is they pretty much deliver anywhere in Harlem so check them out on Yelp for future orders: LINK


Most of the decorative motifs carved into the stonework of prewar buildings tend to be mythological but we often run into design elements that are a bit more unconventional.  While walking within the Mount Morris Park Historic District this week, we noticed that one of the townhouses had a pelican carved into the stoop out front.  Birds are usually not an unheard of subject matter for historic homes but having one that is a bit more seafaring is a bit unusually for a location at the center of Harlem.  The blocks of Mount Morris Park actually have more novel carvings than most and pedestrian will often see other creature features such as dragons or even puppies on some of the stoops: LINK


Keep it all uptown and help out Harlem's great local businesses over the weekend. Below is the Bespoke list of what is new and notable in the neighborhood to try out this week.  

Tapas at newly open Peque on 145th Street by FDB: LINK

Brunch outdoors at The Grange on Amsterdam by 141st Street: LINK

Checking out the Morningside Park Farmers market on Saturday: LINK

Inoue sushi for dinner on Lenox by 129th Street: LINK

Drinks at newly opened Angel on FDB by 122nd Street: LINK

Coffee at Monkey Cup on Amsterdam by 146th Street: LINK

Sunday LGBT Pride Night at Hogshead Tavern: LINK

Dinner at Babbalucci on Lenox Avenue by 126th Street: LINK

Walking the newly restored High Bridge in the Heights at 173rd: LINK

Wood oven pizza at the new Bono trattoria at West 151st: LINK

Lunch or dinner at Clove indian restaurant by 139th Street: LINK

Drinks at Loft 142 on Broadway by 142nd Street: LINK

Grabbing great eats at Vendy Plaza in El Barrio on Sunday: LINK

Eating great italian offerings at newly open Serafina Harlem: LINK

Lunch or dinner at Marcus Samuelsson's new Streetbird Rotisserie: LINK

Viewing Stanley Whitney paintings at the Studio Museum: LINK

Checking out vintage hip hop photos at the new MCNY exhibit in East Harlem:  LINK

Thursday, September 3, 2015


We received a tip some time ago that Number 6 West 122nd Street in the Mount Morris Park District had closed for a record $4 million but could not find any details on the sale.   Now Streeteasy has recorded that the brownstone sold for that said amount this past month and it now looks like the fully renovated single-family home is new record holder for townhouse sales uptown.  The interior has original details along with modern updates that higher end buyers are looking for and is also in the very desirable historic district.  More on Streeteasy: LINK


After trying to revive the historic La Marqueta for decades, it now looks like El Barrio has found a genuine hit with Vendy Plaza at Park Avenue and 116th Street.  Originally slated to close this weekend, Vendy Plaza will now continue every Sunday from noon-6:00PM up until November 1st.  Outdoor food carts have been a huge trend in the city in the past few years and Vendy Plaza has become the go to spot for foodies seeking a bit of adventure in greater Harlem.  With over 20,000 visitors in the summer months for 2015, La Marqueta has now recapture a little of its past glory as the outdoor shopping market for the neighborhood.  More photos of Vendy Plaza can be found in our past post: LINK