Tuesday, February 9, 2016


We wanted to go out for some Asian fare in celebration of Chinese New Year and made a stop over at The Handpulled Noodle last night for a quick bite.  Rich, freshly made wheat noodles in various thickness are the specialty of the house but rice noodles are an option for those who want to switch it up for one reason or another. Our personal choice was that there are no Vietnamese restaurants to be found uptown and the herbed beef soup at the Handpulled Noodle was very similar to some of the Pho soups we have tried in the past.

Ordering the broth spicy comes up with something similar to Bun Bo Hue which usually has thick, round rice noodles and thus the gluten free version on the Chinese menu really satisfies our search for an alternate Vietnamese option.  There is also a ginger chicken soup to choose from and those who are familiar with Pho Ga will probably want to try this one out.  As far as grabbing a bite in-house goes, it gets busy around 8:00PM but usually a seat becomes available especially if one kindly ask those diners leaving their bags on the counter if it is okay to eat at that space.  More on The Handpulled Noodle on Broadway and 148th can be found in our past post: LINK


                         Images courtesy See.Painting on Instagram @see.gold

Those who are renovating their brownstones or opening a classic shop uptown should check out the decorative painting and gilding company based in Harlem called see.PAINTING Inc.  Besides plaster, painting and gilding finishes, the artisan company specializes in hand painting & gilding Signage on glass. Gilding on glass is also known as verre eglomise and is standard to private brownstone entrance number signs, and this local company does it in the way it has been done for centuries.

Goldleaf or gilding is both elegant and durable and uses paper thin sheets of gold metal as the base. These properties made it among the most popular sign materials in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. See.Painting not only has worked on local brownstones but has restored gilded murals within the dome of the Williamsburg Savings Bank and also notable restaurants such as Balthazar.

For additional contact information and other details, check out the following website:  www.see-painting.com


Our go to recommendation for floral arrangements in Harlem used to be Harlem Flo but the business just moved north and has become La Fleur d'Harlem.  The storefront at 204 West 144th Street is just west of 7th Avenue and will be open during weekday business hours. Drop by to see the special arrangements for the season or just check out the website to get more details on how to make an order for delivery: LINK


Another major downtown gallery has made news in The Times because of a big move to Harlem.  Elizabeth Dee Gallery is one of the many notable establishments in West Chelsea's gallery neighborhood and will be moving to that corner retail space where Boma Coffee used to be several years ago.  There will actually be 12,000 square foot spread out between 2 floors at the address on Fifth Avenue by 126th street and the location is quite near to artist Ugo Rondinone's home which used to be a church.  Art world photographer Gianfranco Gorgoni has a brownstone just a couple of blocks further north and gallery owner Gavin Brown lives just a bit south in the Mount Morris Park Historic District.  Gavin Brown will actually debut a gallery in the industrial part of Manhattanville later on this year so Harlem is really becoming the new alternative part of Manhattan for key figures in one of the city's big cultural scenes.


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